Rubber Stamp Envy

pile of stampsWhen my daughter was in preschool, I met this wonderful mother who was a big scrapbooker. She had her own scrapbooking room with an amazing collection of stickers, paper and rubber stamps. Her scrapbooks were beautiful and a far cry from my organizational method of throwing photographs in a drawer or box. She became my hero. I wanted her beautiful home and her organized life.

So I bought scrapbook supplies. And rubber stamps. And paper. I didn’t mind the scrapbooking, but it was never really a passion for me. My passion was actually buying rubber stamps.

Fast forward a decade and I had hundreds of unused rubber stamps in my basement. Many of them were in two specially purchased display cases that made me smile when I saw them. But my pleasure was mixed with guilt at the space they were occupying in our crowded basement. Finally I sold the cases and a bunch of stamps at a garage sale, then listed the rest of them on eBay. My scrapbooking days were officially over.

It was hard letting go of my rubber stamps. They represented an opportunity to be creative and to memorialize my kids’ childhoods. But the truth was that I’d outgrown them, and what I really needed the space for current life.

Today, blog about someone who you admired and really, really wanted to be like.

Road Trip!

Flags Agreement Canada and United States of AmericaMy son and I are leaving this morning for a 575 mile drive from Long Island, New York to Ontario, Canada. We’ll spend three days visiting family and then make the return drive home.

I am calling this trip “Sue and Son’s Excellent Adventure.” My 19-year-old son has another, less-flattering name for a 1,000+ mile trip — along with five nights in a hotel room — with his mother. We’re leaving the rest of the family at home to babysit the dogs.

I usually make this trip alone and take two days to drive. I also enjoy listening to “chick lit” books on CD’s. Our first compromise has been to check some business CD books out of the library, so we will be learning during every mile of our drive. Our books include The Charge: Activating 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive by Brendon Burchard and Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny by Tony Robbins. My challenge will be not taking notes while I’m driving!

While I love listening to books while I drive, my husband finds that he needs music to keep him awake. Today, blog about how you survive a road trip. If you travel alone, do you prefer music, books, or silence?




Regular Exercise

Walking exercise, sport shoesEvery night at precisely the same time, my husband, 19-year-old son and I go for a walk. We walk 1.78 miles. Same route. Same direction. Same pace.

We began walking solely for exercise. When we met other walkers or cyclists, we smiled and said “hello.” Sometimes we’d stop to pat a dog or comment briefly on the weather. But mostly we just walked and waved.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had several people come talk to us. They comment on how they see us out walking at night, and how nice it is to see us exercising as a family (even though we’ve left one kid and our dogs at home). They’ve noticed us walking by their homes and are impressed that we find time to exercise. They find us inspiring.

For many years, I had a library of fitness books in our basement. I read a lot, but I never actually followed through. Now that I’ve started to walk every day, I am reaping the rewards of being more fit, plus making an impact on everyone around me.

Today, blog about an action that has inspired you.






Sick Dog: Not a Glamorous Life

Guinevere (Sick) and Me (Tired)We have two miniature dachshunds. Lancelot and Guinevere were abandoned, six years ago, during a brutally cold winter night in Pennsylvania. After being nurtured back to health by the Dachshund Rescue of North America, it became our privilege to welcome them into our household.

Today, I’m learning first-hand about the expression “sick as a dog.”

Lancelot, unfortunately, has a brain tumor. He’s on a cocktail of medications that are keeping him comfortable, but he’s awake and whining by 5:00 AM. We aren’t sure if he’s in pain, wants attention, is hungry, or needs to pee. But the mornings are really, really early these days.

Guinevere threw up five times over night. Twice in my daughter’s bed. And three times on furniture in our family room. She is really strategic with her vomit and manages to aim for a place with upholstery.

This morning was early and yucky.

When I recommend that people blog about what’s going on in their lives, I am serious. Sometimes you’re planning the trip of a lifetime or celebrating a big win in your business. And then there’s days when you’re cleaning up dog vomit.

Today, blog about what’s going on in your life.