Thanksgiving Thoughts: I’m thankful for warm water

Smiling plumberOne  week ago, our water heater broke. Not in the “buy a new one, get it replaced the same day” way. It broke in the “have to order parts, will fix it in 5 days way.” Let’s just say that there’s nothing fun about cold showers or having to heat up water to do dishes.

Hot water is just one of many things I took for granted. Until this week, I also didn’t give much thought to my lovely furnace that works tirelessly to keep my family warm. Or the really nice furnace repair people, who spend their lives in cold basements and hot attics so the rest of  can live comfortably.

I especially took for granted my hot showers and my ability to wash dishes in warm water. (I also remembered why I hate camping!)

Yesterday, once the furnace was repaired, I was truly thankful for hot water. And for my beautiful house that keeps me warm on these frigid winter nights.

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. Today, write about something that you’re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!