Reviewed – Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again

When people learn that I live on Long Island, they often ask if I know Theresa Caputo (aka the “Long Island Medium”). Although I don’t personally know her, I have friends who do and sometimes I’ll see Facebook posts showing her attending local events. Theresa has a popular TLC show called Long Island Medium and has become famous talking to the dead.

This book shares her view of Spirit and how they want people to grieve. She uses many examples from her readings of loved ones who have passed due to accidents, suicide, illness and unexplained causes. The resounding message is that their souls remain with us and they want their loved ones to forgive, give up self-blame, and be happy.

Another interesting part of the book is Theresa’s story and how she learned to accept her psychic ability. This was not something that was supported by her Catholic faith. She’s also been widely criticized for being a witch and a fake. She need to embrace who she was and her journey was not easy.

I think this book would be incredibly comforting to anyone who has lost a loved one, as well as individuals who are struggling to live their authentic truth.