Happy May Ray Day!

May Ray Day is celebrated on May 19. The holiday reminds us that Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to soak up some of the sun’s rays before the weather gets too hot. (Source)

How to write about May Ray Day:

  • What is your favorite season of the year? Write about your selection.
  • How do you prepare for Spring in your house? It might be taking off the snow tires, removing the flannel sheets, or washing the windows.
  • Share your favorite part of the Spring season. For me, it’s enjoying cool morning walks with my dog and seeing all of the trees in bloom.

Happy National Foam Rolling Day!

Most of my readers know that I have back problems due to a car accident (not to mention too much time in front of a computer). Sometimes I feel that I have enough stretching and strengthening tools to open a physical therapy office. One of my favorite tools are my foam rollers, so I thought it was appropriate to highlight International Foam Rolling Day on May 11. (Source)

Foam rollers are approximately 6 inches in diameter and range from 12 inches to 36 inches in length. Rolling parts of your body along a roller increases circulation, stretches the area, and reduces muscle spasms. It can be used on your calves, quadriceps, buttocks, spine and upper back. Rollers also come in different densities depending on whether you need a deeper or more superficial stretch.

How to write about National Foam Rolling Day:

  • Do you use a foam roller? Describe what type you use and the area you focused on. Did it help?
  • Do you have a favorite tool to help reduce pain? What is it? How has it improved your life?
  • Describe how you take care of your physical body to keep from being in pain. Do you use props such as a foam roller?

Happy National Tell a Story Day!

National Tell a Story Day is celebrated on April 27 in the United States. The holiday was created in the early 1990’s in Sweden and it is now a worldwide celebration. The purpose is to share stories and to enjoy the process. Anything goes — the stories do not have to be true, personal or original. (Source)

How to write about National Tell a Story Day:

  • Talk to your family. Ask a parent or relative to share a story from their youth.
  • Tell a story to the next generation. Let your children know that you were young once too!
  • If you can, sit around a campfire (or a candle) and tell spooky stories.
  • Have a party and ask each guest to tell an outrageous story. Guess whether or not it is true.

Happy Lima Bean Respect Day!

Lima Bean Respect Day is celebrated on April 20. Lima beans were first grown in the Andes in South America about 2000 BC. Lima beans were first exported from Lima, Peru and named after this location. Lima beans are the main ingredient in the Southern dish succotash and are the foundation of the expression “Suffering Succotash.” Apparently Lima beans contain cyanide and are poisonous if eaten raw. When cooked, Lima beans are a healthy, high-fiber food. (Source)

How to Write about Lima Bean Respect Day:

  • Do you like Lima beans? Share your opinion of the taste and your memory of first eating them.
  • Make a recipe using Lima beans. Share the recipe and whether you liked it.
  • Does the expression “Suffering Succotash” evoke any memories? Describe a situation where this expression would be appropriate.