Happy International Mountain Day!

International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11. This holiday was created by the United Nations in 2003. International Mountain Day highlights the importance of mountains and promotes products made by mountain communities.

Mountain agriculture includes coffee, cocoa, honey, herbs and spices, as well as many handicrafts. Mountains also provide many tourism-related services such as skiing, climbing and nature trails. (Source)

How to blog about International Mountain Day:

  • Travel Company: Describe your favorite mountain destinations and why people should visit them.
  • Scientist: Explain the importance of the mountain ecosystem.
  • Coffee Manufacturer: Showcase your product and explain why mountain-grown coffee tastes so good.
  • Skier: Share your favorite local ski slopes for beginner and advanced skiers.
  • Food blogger: Create a special recipe that uses mountain-grown food products.


What is a “Cold Shoulder”?

Giving someone the “cold shoulder” means that you are being disrespectful and trying to get rid of them. There is a legend that houseguests who had overstayed their welcome were served cold meat from an animal’s shoulder. This cold shoulder was an inferior cut and a signal that they needed to move on. In fact, this expression first appeared in 1816 in a novel called the Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott. Scott used the expression a “cold shoulder” to mean turning your body away from someone so that they will not continue to pester you. (Source)