What is a Bigwig?

Wigs became fashionable during the reign of King Louis XIII (1601-1643). Apparently the king went prematurely bald and began wearing a hairpiece known as a “periwig” – which was shortened to wig – to cover his head. Since wigs were expensive to purchase and maintain, they were only worn by the rich and powerful. The term “bigwig” evolved to mean an important person or official.  (Source)

Happy Measure Your Feet Day!

Measure Your Feet Day is celebrated on January 23. Although the origin of this day is unknown, I did discover some interesting news about the foot measuring device that’s used in shoe stores. It’s called a Brannock Device® and it’s the standard foot measuring tool for the world’s footwear industry. It was invented by Charles Brannock, a Syracuse University student. Brannock patented the device in 1926 and 1927, and created a company to build it. Today, the Brannock Device® remains the standard for the footwear industry and has sold more than one million units. (Source)

How to write about Measure Your Feet Day:

  • Shoe Retailer: Explain how to properly measure your feet.
  • Podiatrist: Explain the importance of proper fitting footwear.
  • Shoe Manufacturer: Describe how shoes are manufactured.
  • Runner: Compare running shoes and describe your favorite choice.
  • Obstetrician: Explain why feet swell during pregnancy and why swollen ankles are a concern.

What is a Loophole?

A loophole is an opportunity to evade rules, obligations, contracts or laws. The word originates in the Middle Ages. A loop was a very narrow window in a castle. This long slit allowed the archer to shoot through the window, but made it impossible for the enemy to shoot back. This window became known as the “loophole.” (Source)


Happy Appreciate a Dragon Day!

Appreciate a Dragon Day was started in 2004 by Donita Paul to celebrate the release of her book DragonSpell. The purpose of the holiday is to use dragons to celebrate literacy. Her website gives many ideas about how to celebrate, including conducting a treasure hunt to look for missing dragon’s eggs.

How to write about Appreciate a Dragon Day:

  • Librarian: Share your favorite dragon-themed books.
  • Art teacher: Have students imagine and draw a dragon.
  • Costume designer: Create a dragon-themed costume.
  • Party Planner: Explain how to create a dragon-themed birthday party.
  • Dream Analyst: Describe the meaning of dragons in dreams.