Happy National Nude Day!

National Nude Day is celebrated on July 14. The holiday was created in 1976 in New Zealand. National Nude Day is a day to appreciate life without clothing. If you live with other people (as I do), you may want to celebrate in private! (Source)

How to write about National Nude Day:

  • Remember that your skin is your largest organ. Treat yourself to a long bath and some high-quality skin lotion. Write about the experience.
  • Make sure you wear clothing that feels good on your skin. How does it feel? Do you normally wear clothing that feels tight or rough? How would your life change if you felt good in your clothing every day?
  • Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to get checked for skin cancer. (There’s a lot in my family, so I take this seriously.)
  • Participate in a naked run and write about the experience. You can find naked runs here

Happy Workaholics Day!

Workaholics Day is celebrated on July 5. This holiday honors people who “go the extra mile” and make working a big part of their life. This describes all of my entrepreneur friends and – given that I’m writing this in the early morning hours of July 4th while my family sleeps in – also describes me.

The ideal way to celebrate Workaholics Day is to take at least part of the day off. If that’s not going to happen, do something non-work related that will remind you of life outside of the office. (Source)

How to write about Workaholics Day:

  • Do you consider yourself a Workaholic? Why or why not?
  • Is being a workaholic a good thing? Personally, I believe that hard work is essential to building a business and I’m proud of my daily effort.
  • Make one change today that makes you feel more relaxed at work. Wear more casual clothing, eat a picnic lunch in the park, or listen to your favorite music. Write about the change and how it made you feel.

Happy International Mud Day!

International Mud Day is celebrated on June 29. The holiday was created in 2009 at a World Forum Event by attendees from Australia and Nepal. The goal was to encourage feelings of community and appreciation for the world around us.

Mud Day was chosen because – when people are covered in mud – you cannot tell their age, race or religion. Playing in the mud is also a way to celebrate the earth and to have fun. (Source)

How to write about International Mud Day:

  • Go for it! Find some mud and play in it. Make mud pies and build mud castles. Write about the experience.
  • Gather some kids together and throw a mud party. Fill a small wading pool with mud. See if they do look the same if covered in mud.
  • Find a way to celebrate the earth and write about it. It could be planting flowers or stopping at a Farmer’s Market. Write about what you did and how it made you feel.

Happy National Pink Day!

National Pink Day is celebrated on June 23. The holiday was created in 2007 when two students – David Shepherd and Travis Price – saw a fellow student at Central Kings Rural High School being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. To take a stand against bullying, these students encouraged everyone at their school to wear a pink shirt the following day. (Source)

How to write about National Pink Day:

  • Do you have any personal experience with being bullied? Write about what happened. Did someone come to your aid?
  • Have you ever tried to help someone who was being bullied? What did you do? Did it help?
  • In my opinion, we now have a Bully-in-Chief running our country who does not model kindness or tolerance. This week, take a stand on bullying and write about it.