Where is your happy place?

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My family makes fun of me because I love sappy Christmas movies.

My favorite are the low-budget features from the Hallmark Channel. The plots usually feature an unhappy workaholic who is lured back to their birthplace (which is always a small town with a bakery and a Christmas pageant). After a few struggles, the hero(ine) recognizes that relationships are more important than their career. In addition, they reconnect with their family, find their soul-mate, and often save one of their town’s landmarks. By the end of the movie, the madly-in-love couple kisses and it starts to snow. Presumably they live happily ever after.

In the midst of a world wrought by terrorism and tragedy, these movies are my happy place. Their message conveys the Magic of Christmas, where all families have the capacity to forgive and love can overcome any problem. I know that this is too much to hope for, but for 120 minutes during the “12 Movies of Christmas,” I want to believe it’s true.

Today, blog about your happy place.