Happy National Caregivers Day!

National Caregivers Day is celebrated on February 17.The holiday was created by the Providers Association for Home Health & Hospice Agencies (PAHHHA) in 2015 and first celebrated last year. National Caregivers Day recognizes healthcare professionals who provide long-term and hospice care. (Source)

How to write about National Caregivers Day:

  • Have you ever been a caregiver? This could be your profession or your role taking care of an aging parent, disabled spouse or a special-needs child. Write about the experience.
  • Have you ever needed a caregiver? I’ve been in this position following surgery and found it extremely difficult to be cared for. Write about what you learned during your recovery.
  • Describe any plans you’ve made for future caregiving. Do you plan to take care of family members if they need care? Are you planning on your children taking care of you? Have you had an experience with caregiving that has helped you make this decision?

Happy White Shirt Day!

White Shirt Day is celebrated on February 11. The holiday marks the end of the Flint Sit-Down Union Strike against General Motors in 1937. This strike resulted in the creation of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) and the unionization of the domestic United States automobile industry. To celebrate White Shirt Day, you must wear a white shirt or T-shirt; not let your shirt get dirtier than your boss’s shirt; and follow all work and safety rules. (Source)

How to write about White Shirt Day:

  • Have you ever belonged to a union? Describe your experience.
  • What is your opinion about unions? Do you think that they are beneficial to both the members and the economy?
  • Have you ever been involved in a protest that involved clothing? (Most recently there were the pink hats at the Women’s March on Washington.)
  • Do you have a favorite white shirt? (I tend to shy away from these because they get stained.)

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Bubble Wrap Appreciation is celebrated on Monday, January 30. The holiday was created in 2001 by the “Spirit 95” FM radio station in Bloomington, Indiana. On that date the radio station received a shipment of microphones wrapped in bubble wrap. As the microphones were being unwrapped, listeners could hear the sound of bubble wrap popping. The radio station capitalized on this event. It now promotes Bubble Wrap Day by conducting bubble wrap contests, which include bubble popping relays and bubble wrap fashion design contests. (Source)

How to write about Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day:

  • Do you pop the bubbles when you receive something packed in bubble wrap? Why do you do this?
  • Does popping bubbles reduce your stress? Or do you find the sound annoying?
  • Have you ever made anything creative out of bubble wrap? What was it?
  • Do you use bubble wrap for packing in your business? Have you tried other options?

Happy National Serpent Day!

National Serpent Day is celebrated on February 1. At this point I do not know anyone who likes snakes (myself included), despite the fact that they have great religious and cultural significance. When I was a kid, my brothers hid a snake for my mother to find while cleaning. Since then I’ve worried that I’ll encounter an escape artist serpent in my bedroom or basement. I have a similar fear of swimming after seeing a snake on the water.

Part of my fear of snakes is that I’m always surprised to them. Unlike a chipmunk or a bird that makes noise, snakes are usually a silent visitor.

Another creepy part about snakes is how they eat. Because their upper and lower jaws separate, they can consume animals up to three times the size of their head. They also swallow their prey whole. I respect their role in nature but have no desire to own one!

How to write about National Serpent Day:

  • Have you ever had a snake as a pet? What kind was it? Describe the experience of owning a snake.
  • Describe a snake that is native to your area.
  • Have you ever encountered a snake and been surprised?
  • What is your opinion of snakes? Do you love them? Are you afraid of them? Have you made any effort to get over your fear?