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Living in a moment of irony

Last Thursday afternoon was jam-packed – appointments back-to-back, barely time to eat dinner, and an evening class that was tough to make on time. I parked my car in the garage with a finely-tuned plan to walk the dog, meditate, eat something, and be out the door for my meditation …
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Write about the clutter in your life

One of the best things about living in Arizona was that our house didn’t have a basement. That meant that we only had our garage for storage, which somewhat limited the amount of stuff that our family could amass. However when we moved to Long Island in 2007, we gained …
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The Value of an Expert

We’ve now been in our home for ten years and I still have a list of projects that we vowed would be fixed right after we moved in. Spoiler alert – they are still not done! My husband doesn’t love home improvement projects and – because I work from home …