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Life is not a dress rehearsal

This weekend I attended a memorial service for a friend. He was only 49-years-old and passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. Although the service was supposed to be a celebration of his life, my heart was heavy at the loss of this husband, father and friend. There …
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Write about developing a new skill

My 20-year-old daughter is learning to drive. Finally her desire for freedom has surpassed her fear of operating a vehicle! This weekend she drove on the Long Island Expressway, which is a huge accomplishment and puts her another step toward getting her license. I still remember how terrified I was …
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What do you have planned for the summer?

Summer tends to be a slow season in my business. In general, my customers tend to procrastinate on all things writing – especially if they’ve never done a newsletter or any email marketing – and don’t want to spend the summer months doing anything beyond the basics of their business. …