eBook Creation

With more than 25 years experience in the communications industry (public relations, training, technical writing, and online curriculum development), I didn’t think writing my first Kindle book would be a problem for me. Despite having great ideas and lots of enthusiasm, I found myself dead in the water! As a result, I began procrastinating and wasting a ton of time trying to figure out what wasn’t working.

Thankfully, Sue came to my rescue! During our first coaching call, she was able to pinpoint the issues that were the “real problem”. Working together, we were able to chart a new direction for writing my book that has me re-energized and writing regularly.

I particularly appreciated Ms. Clayton’s positive, gentle, and uplifting approach. She is not critical of partly-formed ideas or unedited drafts. This creates a very safe environment for sharing challenges and generating solutions.

— Gillian Whitney, Communications Consultant, Providence, UT

Business Strategy

When Sue says that she helps women “fall back in love with their businesses,” she isn’t exaggerating. When we started working together, I knew that I wanted to make some changes to my business, particularly in the area of branding and marketing. With Sue’s encouragement, I have started work on a new website, updated my corporate identity, and regained a lot of enthusiasm for my work as a pattern designer and commercial artist. Sue is understanding and compassionate, while at the same time pushing me toward my goals. No matter how good (or bad) my week has been, I finish my coaching calls feeling energized and positive – and with a plan for the week ahead. This experience has sold me on the value that a good coach brings to a business.

–Kirstyn Cogan, KirstynCogan.com

Accountability and Goal Setting

I have been working with Sue for about a month now and have already seen a difference in my ability to focus on redirecting my business. Sue guides me in articulating my goals, creating a to-do list of tasks toward those goals, and she gently holds me accountable during our twice monthly phone calls. Sue is keenly perceptive. She has tact and the ability to point out behaviors that could be changed, resulting in a better outcome.

I am sure I would not have focused and moved forward so quickly without her guidance. I highly recommend Sue as a personal and business coach.

— Bonnie Dwyer, BonnieDwyer.com

Content Creation

Sue is great coach and right from our first session I found her coaching to be extremely valuable.  Sue helped me to better understand the process of creating content for my website by leveraging topics I already know about and breaking them down into individual posts.  With Sue’s coaching and encouragement I’ve been able to create a solid content plan that I know will benefit my readers.  The best part is this reduced the amount of research I had to do and made it all much more manageable.”

— Brandon Adams

Mindset and Limitations

Sue has an incredible way of helping you see how you are holding yourself back. She guides you to the answer with care and loving honesty to help you move past your blocks. Sue hears what you are really saying and is able to reflect back to you the truth you need to hear. I felt like I had a governor on myself and would only allow a certain degree of success. Sue helped me to get clear on what I really want for my business and we worked through the action steps I needed to take to get there. Thank you Sue!

Stacy Luft