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Happy World Mosquito Day!

World Mosquito Day is celebrated on August 20. It commemorates the day in 1897 when British physician Sir Ronald Ross discovered the link between mosquitos and the transmission of malaria. This holiday was originated in the 1930s by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Every year they hold events to inform people about the dangers of mosquito-carried illnesses, which now include the dangerous Zika virus. At least two million people die each year from malaria and other mosquito caused diseases. (Source)

How to write about World Mosquito Day:

  • Have you (or someone you know) ever experienced serious consequences from a mosquito bite? Describe what happened.
  • What precautions do you take (or not take) to avoid mosquito bites?
  • Have you recently changed travel plans due to the Zika virus? Describe how you adapted your travels.

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