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Have you experienced burnout as an entrepreneur?

I’m in the process of writing a book about how to recover from burnout. This book is aimed at home-based entrepreneurs. I’m writing it because I feel it’s a big problem within the entrepreneurial community that nobody talks about.

Here’s the back story. I have been self-employed for more than 20 years. During this time I’ve done a lot of business coaching and networked with countless business owners. Many of us (myself included) have gone through periods of reduced productivity, depression, hating our business, not getting paid for work performed, being medically depleted, and feeling like a total failure. This is tough when you’re a business of one. There’s no cheerleader boss, sympathetic coworker, or Human Resources Department to help you find your way off the cliff!

More difficult is that we need to hide what’s going on. Whining, complaining and commiserating does not create the positive mindset that is expected by our clients. I recall interviewing a dentist at one point who shared how much he hated his work and his contempt for his patients. Ouch! I could tell that he needed help, however, as someone just assigned to write his biography, I didn’t feel it was my place to point this out.

Now I’m willing to attack this subject and I would love your help. Have you experienced burnout? Do you have a strategy to avoid burnout? Did you recover from burnout and learn lessons that you are willing to share? I would love to have a conversation with you and hear your story. (Our conversation will be confidential and your identity will be hidden in the book.) Please email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk. (Also, if you have a friend who is experiencing burnout, I’d love to talk to them too.) Thanks!

Sue Allen Clayton is a website content writer, author and speaker. She writes newsletters, website content and marketing materials for a wide range of businesses. Over her two decades as a professional writer, Sue has written several books, hundreds of newsletters and magazine articles, and thousands of blog posts.