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Happy National Mountain Climbing Day!

National Mountain Climbing Day was established in 2015 and is celebrated on August 1. The holiday was created to honor two young climbers — Bobby Matthews and Josh Madigan – who successfully climbed the forty-six High Peaks of New Your State’s Adirondack Mountains. Their final climb was Whiteface Mountain, on August 1, 2015, and the pair were formally inducted into the Adirondack 46er Club in May, 2016. (Source)

How to write about National Mountain Climbing Day:
Are you a mountain climber? Describe how you got into the sport and share some of your experiences.
Is there a metaphorical summit in your life that you’ve climbed? It might be getting a degree or beating cancer. Share the journey and what it meant in your life.
If you could, what sport would you learn? Describe the sport and why it appeals to you.

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