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What can be improved in your workspace?

A participant in one of my Facebook groups recently asked people to share their monitor(s). Oh my goodness! I had a severe case of Monitor Envy. I use a modest, 26-inch HP monitor for all of my writing. I purchased this monitor at Best Buy for less than $200. Most of the people in the Facebook group had multiple large monitors, including very cool 34 inch curved monitors. Given the amount of time most of us spend sitting in front of a screen, I think having a good monitor is a great investment.

To make me feel worse, my monitor is currently propped up on three thick books (Social Media Marketing for Dummies, the 4-Hour Body, and Access 2010) to bring it to the correct height.. Every day I look at this makeshift support structure and know I could do better. Now that I’ve seen other people’s desks, I’m determined to either purchase a taller monitor or find a more aesthetically pleasing stand.

Today, write about something in your work space that could be improved. How long has it bothered you? Is it an easy fix? If possible, make the change and write about how it feels.

Sue Allen Clayton is a website content writer, author and speaker. She writes newsletters, website content and marketing materials for a wide range of businesses. Over her two decades as a professional writer, Sue has written several books, hundreds of newsletters and magazine articles, and thousands of blog posts.