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I should have been the squeaky wheel

Many of you know that I had a car accident in 2010 and herniated the disks in my neck. This has been a source of pain over the years and my treatment – by a very reputable pain management clinic — has been medication and trigger point injections into the muscle spasms on my shoulders. My understanding was that, because I still lived a full life despite pain, this “treatment” was considered a success and was all that could be done.

A few months ago I changed family doctors and he recommended another MRI on my neck (the last one was in 2011), as well as a second opinion on my pain management options. This MRI showed extensive bone spurs into my spine, which means that the pain is caused by nerve compression on my spine. No wonder the trigger point injections hadn’t worked for any length of time. The new pain specialist recommended a cervical epidural to reduce the swelling in my spine and the pressure on my nerves. The hope is to significantly reduce my pain level. Yippee!

When I got a second opinion, the new specialists were horrified that I’d spent six years receiving inadequate treatment. Why? Because I was not a “squeaky wheel” and didn’t demand more. I’d been relegated to a busy Physician’s Assistant and it was easier for him to keep repeating the same protocol than to review my case and suggest options. And I believed their “expert” opinion and didn’t look for other options.

Today, write about a time when you learned the benefit of being a “squeaky wheel.” Alternatively, write about a scenario when you took responsibility for your own health.

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