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What tradition has enriched your life?


I’ve spent this week trying to write an uplifting holiday message. I didn’t succeed! My thoughts have been focused on people who are feeling little joy. I know of three families who lost their fathers last week and have this week burying a loved one. For these families, Christmas will never be the same again.

In my family, 2007 was one of the hardest Christmases. That was the year we moved to Long Island and we were used to hosting Christmas dinner for our friends. With family in Canada and friends in Arizona, It felt lonely cooking dinner for just my husband and children. We eventually developed new traditions, including hosting an annual Gingerbread House Building party for my son and his friends.

My parents faced similar challenges as their four children (including me) grew up and moved away. Rather than spending Christmas morning alone, they now go to a local Casino. They enjoy the slot machines, browse through the shops, and treat themselves to a nice lunch. It has become their new tradition and they look forward to it.

Today, write about a tradition that has enriched your life. Explain why you started the tradition and what it means to you now.


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