Month: January 2014

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The Brutal Truth About Clarity

As someone who reads a lot of business-related blogs, books and magazines, I know how important it is to be clear about your clients, services and goals. But it always sounds like a fulfilling process of enlightenment, which is the opposite of my recent experiences. A few months ago, I …
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Happy Peculiar People’s Day

Peculiar People Day is celebrated on January 10th. It is a day to celebrate unique and eccentric people in your life. The Peculiar People were founded in 1838 in England and practiced a puritanical form of Christianity that included faith healing. Some Peculiar parents were thrown in jail when they …
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Check Please!

Since it’s the new year, it’s time to talk about resolutions. One of my biggest resolutions — after losing enough weight that I look like a super model and can use my modeling income to pay off my mortgage–  is to become more organized. Most people would find this surprising, …