Month: September 2013

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What have you outgrown?

About 20 years ago, I had a medical situation that caused me to gain a lot of weight quickly. I then added some extra pounds after having two children, being inactive due to an injury, and — I’ll admit it here — too much junk food. This year I have …
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Surviving Spam

Since I’ve spent much of my career helping people with writing issues, I felt like I’d heard it all when it came to “why I am not blogging” excuses. I fully admit that I was wrong. Getting Spammed is totally demoralizing and sucked away every ounce of my blogging enjoyment. …
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Failing at Parenting

‘Tis the season where the kids are returning to school. For many of my friends, this is the year that their eldest child is leaving for college. Since I endured the kid-leaving-for-college blues last year, I am especially sympathetic to the painful transition from home to a dorm. My son …