Reviewed – The Big Thing: How to Complete Your Creative Project Even If You’re a Lazy, Self-Doubting Procrastinator Like Me

This book is about how to complete your “big thing” which might be writing a book, producing a musical, or setting up a non-profit organization. For Phyllis Korkki, her big thing was writing this book. The result is part memoir and part how-to, as she describes her process from inception to completion.

You can tell that the author (a newspaper reporter) loves to research, so the story is enriched with interviews and anecdotes about procrastination and productivity. One of the most interesting parts was at the beginning of the process, when she decides to seek help with her posture and breathing to increase her productivity and reduce stress on her body. Her tone is funny and self-deprecating, as she examines her own creative blocks and looks for solutions.

If you have a “big thing” that you’d like to accomplish in life, I think you will truly enjoy this book. It will be of particular interest to people who are contemplating writing a book.

Happy National Serpent Day!

National Serpent Day is celebrated on February 1. At this point I do not know anyone who likes snakes (myself included), despite the fact that they have great religious and cultural significance. When I was a kid, my brothers hid a snake for my mother to find while cleaning. Since then I’ve worried that I’ll encounter an escape artist serpent in my bedroom or basement. I have a similar fear of swimming after seeing a snake on the water.

Part of my fear of snakes is that I’m always surprised to them. Unlike a chipmunk or a bird that makes noise, snakes are usually a silent visitor.

Another creepy part about snakes is how they eat. Because their upper and lower jaws separate, they can consume animals up to three times the size of their head. They also swallow their prey whole. I respect their role in nature but have no desire to own one!

How to write about National Serpent Day:

  • Have you ever had a snake as a pet? What kind was it? Describe the experience of owning a snake.
  • Describe a snake that is native to your area.
  • Have you ever encountered a snake and been surprised?
  • What is your opinion of snakes? Do you love them? Are you afraid of them? Have you made any effort to get over your fear?

Not Marching on Washington …

This week’s newsletter was supposed to be about my experience with Saturday’s March on Washington. My plan was to board a 4:00 AM bus, be in Washington from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM, and then return to Long Island by 11:00 PM. It was going to be a long day, but I supported the March and also wanted to be a part of history.

Until I got a bladder infection. You don’t need the gory details, except to say that bladder infections are very painful and you need to be near a restroom. It was abundantly clear that I couldn’t flood my body with fluids and cope with limited access to a ladies room. My friend and I offered our tickets as a scholarship to other women who wanted to go. And I “attended” the March in spirit only. When I heard that the number of porta-potty’s were totally inadequate for the size of crowd, I knew I’d made the right decision.

Today, write about a time when you missed something important. What was the event? Why did you miss it? How did you feel?

Reviewed: The TMJ Healing Plan: Ten Steps to Relieving Headaches, Neck Pain and Jaw Disorders

You can probably guess that, because I read this book, I’m dealing with pain in my temporomandibular joint (aka TMJ). Recently I’ve seen both an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist (because I thought it was ear pain) and an endodontist (because I thought I needed a root canal). It is interesting that TMJ can cause headaches; neck pain; shoulder pain; tooth pain; and ringing in the ears. I’m reviewing this book because I’m guessing that many of you are suffering from similar issues and never considered that your TMJ was the culprit.

This is an excellent book that discusses why TMJ pain occurs and what to do about it. This includes improving your posture, paying attention to your breathing, and being aware of the position of your tongue. The book also includes some simple exercises to stretch and strengthen your face, neck and shoulders.

I found this book to be very thorough and helpful. I think it would be a great read if you have been diagnosed with a TMJ problem or if you have unexplained head or neck pain.