Happy Hairstyle Appreciation Day!

Hairstyle Appreciation Day is celebrated on April 30. The day is a time to appreciate our current hairstyles and celebrate hairstyles throughout the ages. (Source)

How to write about Hairstyle Appreciation Day:

  • Anyone: Write about the worst hairstyle you ever had. Was it a bad cut or a ridiculous hair color?
  • Hairstylist: Explain who to choose a flattering hairstyle.
  • Shampoo Company: Describe how to choose products that will enhance your hairstyle.
  • Colorist: Share some of the biggest mistakes people make in choosing hair color.

Rethinking dandelions

It finally feels like Spring has arrived. It’s the time of year when those of us in the Northeast begin judging our neighbors’ lawns and waging war on dandelions.

 Since I don’t use pesticides, our lawn does not win any awards for lushness.  When I get ambitious, I’ll pull the dandelion plant out by its roots, meaning that our lawn looks patchy (on a good day).  At the very least, I’ll try to remove the flowers before they go to seed.

Many years ago, a friend related this story. Her husband, from Switzerland, would talk about how much he missed the fields of beautiful yellow wildflowers. When she finally visited Switzerland, she was shocked to discover that the beautiful wildflowers flowers were actually dandelions.

This story has stayed with me because it demonstrates that our attitudes are learned. Somebody decided that we needed to destroy dandelions, rather than enjoy their beauty. Life would be easier — and quite honestly a bit more beautiful — if we would view dandelions as a hardy, colorful wildflower and not a suburban plague.

Today, write about something that you believed and then questioned. What was your belief and what brought it to your attention?

Reviewed: The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki is an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to social media. It’s also current (published in December 2014). The book covers how to create your profile and set up accounts in Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Google Hangouts, and Pinterest. It also talks about how to create content to “feed the social media monster.” The last chapter uses the example of a book launch as is a case study about how to put everything together.

I loved that this book contains numbered items, so you can essentially follow it like a recipe. Someone who is new at social media could start reading (and implementing) at the beginning and, by following directions, end up with a decent social media presence.

What is an X-ray?

I’ve been writing a lot about X-rays lately and was curious about how the term originated. X-Rays were discovered in 1895 by physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. Rontgen’s discovery occurred accidentally in his German laboratory, where he was testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass. At this time, he noticed a glow coming from a nearby chemically coated screen. He called the rays that caused this glow X-rays because he didn’t know what caused them. (Source)