Reviewed: Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

Zen Habits is a collection of blog posts from Leo Babauta’s popular blog, The essence of these chapters is that we need to live more simply, declutter our spaces, and make small, incremental changes that eventually lead to big achievements. Over the last few years, the author has lot a significant amount of weight, completed marathons and triathlons, and eliminated his debt.

The chapters are uplifting and practical. My only criticism is that, because they are blog posts, some of the information is repetitive. However this is a motivating read with ideas that will enhance both your business and personal life.

Happy Dogs in Politics Day!

Dogs in Politics Day is celebrated on September 23. It originated on September 23, 1952 when Vice President Richard Nixon gave his famous Checkers Speech.  In this speech, Nixon admitted that he was wrong to use $18,000 of funds from backers to pay for political expenses.

Nixon also stated that he intended to keep one gift — a black-and-white dog that had been named Checkers by the Nixon children. This speech became known as the “Checkers Speech.” This speech was heard by 60 million Americans, and included the largest television audience of that time.

How to blog about Dogs in Politics Day.

  • Anyone: Support a dog shelter. Make a financial donation, volunteer to help, or adopt a dog. Then write about your experience.
  • Historian: Write about pets in the White House. Who takes care of walking and feeding them?
  • Kennel Owner: Explain how people can help dogs transition from your home to a kennel.
  • Food blogger: How to make a celebration feast that you and your dog can enjoy.
  • Business owner: Do you allow employees to bring their dogs to work? Describe how this policy enhances your business.


How do you make life better for your customers?

Just Married Red Hearts Circular SquareI spent this weekend at my brother’s wedding in Ontario, Canada. It was a long drive (800 miles each way), but totally worth it to celebrate such a happy occasion.

My brother has many wonderful talents, but public speaking is not one of them. He is naturally shy, so I was surprised when he rose to make a speech.

It began, “I will now read the speech that my wife wrote for me: ‘Janet. Oh Janet. How much I love thee, Janet.’” We all laughed as these were clearly words he would not naturally use.

As a writer, I could have created a speech that would have sounded more natural. This got me thinking about the fact that great professionals make our work almost invisible. The architect designs a building extension that looks like it’s existed forever. The plastic surgeon re-shapes a body to look natural but more curvy. The writer creates newsletter articles that sound like you wrote them yourself. It is a great compliment when people don’t realize you’ve “had work done” because it so naturally blends with your body, environment or business.

Today, blog about how your product or services fits into your client’s world. Explain how you can make their body, environment or business better.