Reviewed: The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Habits Success Habits for Small Business Owners

Can you believe that the year is half over? If you feel it’s time for a motivational boost, The Daily Entrepreneur: 33 Success Habits for Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Aspiring 9-to-5 Escape Artists is a perfect choice. Authors S.J. Scott and Rebecca Livermore identify five areas that entrepreneurs struggle with:

  1. Failure to achieve professional goals.
  2. Not getting things done.
  3. Too much competition.
  4. Poor business relationships.
  5. Stress and burnout.

The book goes through each of these problems in detail and gives solid strategies for improvement. My favorite suggestion was to make detailed master lists for every area of your life, then choose two or three items for the current day’s list and put the master list away. I appreciate that this method keeps you from getting overwhelmed but also has the “brain dump” effect that I like.

To help combat stress and burnout, the Scott and Livermore recommend creating goals for your whole person – education, business, hobbies, health, relationships, spirituality, and public service. They suggest making checklists for routine activities and focusing on one thing you need to do that day to make each day a success.

This is an easy read and contained a lot of great suggestions that would benefit anyone who wants to be more productive.


Happy National Catfish Day!

National Catfish Day is celebrated on June 25 and dates back to a presidential address by Ronald Reagan on June 25, 1987.  He opened the speech by explaining how farm-raised catfish were creating jobs and providing a safe, stable food source for the American people.

How to blog about National Catfish Day:

  • Nutritionist: Provide healthy recipes for cooking catfish.
  • Restaurant Owner: Describe how catfish is prepared in your restaurant.
  • Fish farmer: Explain the process of aquaculture and why farm-raised catfish are important.
  • Economic development specialist: Explain the role of catfish in the economy.
  • Outdoor enthusiast: Describe the best fishing holes in your county.

English is Weird: What is “Dropping Like Flies”?

Given my problems with insects this week, I was curious about the expression “dropping like flies.” The expression refers to a group of people who are becoming ill at the same time.

Apparently the lifespan of a fly is about 30 days. So, once a fly hatches, it’s not long before it drops dead. The phrase was found in The Atlanta Constitution newspaper in 1902, under the subheading “Men and Women Dropped Like Flies and Flames.” This article refers to people running through the flames after a volcanic, then choke on the smoke and “drop like dead flies.” (Source)

Overwhelmed by Insects

Ant with houseApparently my house is very welcoming. My dogs are a tick transportation system and I am, unfortunately, used to having ticks in my home. On Tuesday we discovered two infestations of ants and realized that an ant farm was living in the family room wall. The next day a colony of white faced hornets built a nest on top of my front door. And, in the evening, June bugs began throwing themselves against the house.

I had an insect problem.

In marketing, we look your customers’ pain points and the solution that your business provides. This is often referred to as a “wake up in the middle of the night” problem. These problems are typically urgent and frightening – such as not having enough money to pay your bills or are lacking the resources to complete a project. If you’ve got bugs in your house, the middle of the night problem is imagining that there are ants crawling over you while you’re trying to sleep.

The great thing about these problems is that people want immediate solutions. In my case, I hired an exterminator who showed up within 12 hours.

Today, blog about how you solve a “wake up in the middle of the night” problem. Do you help people save time, save money, feel better about themselves, or avoid an unpleasant experience?