Attitude Adjustment!

Pink car with symbols of love

A few weeks ago, I was driving along the Long Island Expressway toward our local dump. My car was filled with broken snow shovels, old mops, bags of trash, and an area rug that had been ruined by dog pee. I was pressed for time and just wanted to get the whole trip over with. To make it worse, the weather was cold and rainy, so I knew I was going to get wet as I threw the car’s contents into the appropriate dumpsters.

Then I pulled alongside a lady in a sparkling white sedan. She had a daisy in the cup holder and cute stuffed animals on the back dash. The contrast made me laugh. My car was a dumpster on wheels, whereas she’d created an environment that transcended the miserable weather. Clearly, I needed an attitude adjustment.

Today, blog about something in your environment that makes you smile. Or, if your environment looks like a dump, make a change that will make you smile.

Happy Sunscreen Day!

Hat with sunglasses and body lotion isolated on white backgroundMost of the holidays that I talk about are frivolous, however Sunscreen Day — which is celebrated on May 27 — is an exception. Skin cancer is deadly, especially among fair-skinned folk (like me) where sunburns were just a normal part of summer. I take skin cancer very seriously and encourage you to find more information at

How to blog about Sunscreen Day:

  • Optometrist: Describe how sunglasses keep UVB rays from damaging the cornea.
  • Dermatologist: Explain why everyone should have an annual skin cancer check.
  • Skincare Expert: Give tips for younger looking skin, even if you have sun damage.
  • Stylist: Highlight the most fashionable floppy hats to prevent protect the skin.
  • Pediatrician: Provide recommendations for the strength of sunscreen and how often it should be applied.

Reviewed – Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success

I started reading “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success” on a rainy Saturday morning. I was feeling relaxed and too lazy to drive to my Saturday tai chi class. Knowing that the The Huffington Post is wildly successful, I expected a lot of advice on the value of dedication and hard work. So I was surprised that this book is actually about self-care and redefining success. (Which made me feel very guilty for skipping tai chi.)

The book opens in 2007 when Arianna, exhausted after two years of building her company, collapses at her desk. She starts to redefine whether success should be solely defined in terms of money and power. She proposes an alternative definition that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. These new definitions form the basis for her book.

In the preface, Arianna talks about how we take better care of our cell phones than our bodies. We are quick to recharge our cell phones. But we wear sleep deprivation and burnout as badges of honor.

I love this book’s focus on recharging and giving back. Arianna makes a compelling case for self-care and the book is a great read for anyone whose struggling to maintain balance in their life.