Video Marketing

Telecamera di retePublic speaking is supposed to be the #1 human fear. But I think there’s something even more terrifying – watching yourself speak on video. This requires a whole lot of bravery!

Nevertheless, that’s what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve participated in a 15-day video challenge where we create – and then upload to a private Facebook group – short videos on assigned topics.

I approached this project with the same philosophy that I approach writing — start imperfectly and get better. My voice was too soft and I ended up purchasing a microphone (which turned out to be too short, so I purchased an extension). The camera was looking up my nose because my tripod was too short; I ended up buying a second tripod, only to discover it was too short if I filmed standing up. And the bookshelves in my office are a messy background, so I’ve been scouting other locations in the house that would be more appealing.

Mechanics aside, this is progress. Previously, I’ve relied on my daughter to take my videos. I’m now more comfortable on camera and it’s very empowering to learn a new skill.

Today, blog about a skill our action that has empowered you.


Fighting for Business

niña con kimono de artes marcialesOn Friday, I took a self-defense class with my daughter. The purpose was to learn how to avoid getting assaulted in a parking lot, but it turned out to be an introduction to martial arts. We did a bunch of high-impact warmup exercises, followed by punching and kicking. I was concerned about injuring myself and found it totally against my maternal instincts to be kicking my daughter (even though she had protective gear).

Although I hated the class, many of the group loved it. It was definitely a workout and, I guess, a winning alternative to the treadmill or a Zumba class. Me? I’m sticking to walking and tai chi for exercise and will find another avenue to learn personal safety.

Today, blog about a challenge you faced in your business, personal life or industry. Share how you found a solution, even if it meant following a different path than you originally intended.


Family Support in Business

patchwork bundles in Holzschiebern nach Farben sortiertLast weekend I had the pleasure of attending two quilt shows in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition to enjoying the amazing quilts – which get better every year – I also had a chance to meet most of the vendors. Anybody who wants to meet grass-roots entrepreneurs should attend a quilt show. Many of these talented artists started their business at the kitchen table with a single pattern or product idea.

Since I’ve been quilting for a long time, I already owned many of the products at the show. I also have a large stash of fabric and multiple sewing machines, so I did more looking than shopping.

What I noticed most was the support in the booths. Husbands stood beside their wives. Sisters demonstrated products. Moms ran the cash register. Daughters cut fabric and re-stocked shelves. I even met the occasional son who bravely interacted with the female attendees! As I introduced myself, these “helpers” would tell me, “I’m just the [husband, mother, or daughter].” What went unsaid was that they loved their [wife, sister, mother or daughter] enough to spend two days setting up and tearing down the booth, plus an additional three days standing on their feet selling products!

Today, write about who supports your business. If you haven’t already done so, thank your families for their help and your customers for their support!

Dreaming About Entrepreneurship

Scary halloween concept with monster on whiteI had planned to write about a recent nightmare. However, after doing a bit of research, I learned I that my nightmare was actually an anxiety dream. Anxiety dreams are less traumatic than nightmares and caused by – big surprise – anxiety in your life.

According to, the most common anxiety dreams are about teeth being pulled (signifies a significant loss of control), being naked in public (signifies feeling vulnerable), and falling (which signifies that a part of your life is spiraling downward).

So here’s my dream: I was meeting at a new client’s offices, which were located in a shopping mall and difficult to find. When I finally arrived, I unexpectedly found many executives at the boardroom table. At that moment, I realized I’d forgotten my briefcase. So I ran to my car, grabbed my briefcase, but couldn’t find the offices again. I walked frantically around the mall for hours, but nobody knew where to send me. When I finally found the office, it was closed. They let me in anyway, where I learned they’d given the job to a man who was clearly incompetent, but who had showed up on time.

This type of dream, I learned from, is about feeling overwhelmed or not prepared. And, I have to admit that – as my business grows – those feelings are not unfamiliar.

If you’re feeling brave today, blog about one of your dreams. Otherwise, share how your product or service can help your clients sleep better.