Home Cleaning Hour

Spring Cleaning SuppliesThere is nothing nicer than walking through your front door into a clean and organized house.

When my kids were young, I had a cleaning service every couple of weeks. While I appreciated their work, it was always stressful stashing all of our stuff so that the surfaces were clear. And, since I preferred to be out of the house so they could work, I was dragging unhappy children with me while I ran errands.

I will admit that my family is messy. Because I homeschooled my kids, my house was also a learning center. Sewing, art supplies, science experiments, and a multitude of books took over my home. Add on three dogs that didn’t take kindly to strangers, and you’ll get the (correct) impression that my house was never scouted for a “Mr. Clean” commercial.

We were masters of crisis cleaning before guests arrived. Which usually left me exhausted and resentful.

Six months ago, we instituted a “Family Cleaning Hour” at 1:00 PM on Sunday. We alternate between our main floor living area and our upstairs bedrooms. We do the basic dusting, vacuuming and surface cleaning. Then, with the time left over, we tackle a special job (such as cleaning off a shelf). When the hour is over, we stop.

This has worked well for everyone concerned. My house is moderately clean all of the time, and the work is shared by all of us. My kids have learned some cleaning skills along the way. And I am a whole lot less resentful about being the designated cleaner.

In today’s blog, share a system that makes your life better.

What’s your excuse for not blogging?

Blogging concept.There are two classes of social media users.

There are people who love to write and are excited to share their lives. These people easily post their kids’ activities, their weekend adventures, and — way too often,, in my opinion — photos of what they’re having for dinner. These bloggers often post multiple times a day seem to have no problem sharing minute details of their lives.

Then there’s the rest of us, who feel like we’ve done well to make dinner and would never think to post a photo of what we’re eating.

Don’t get me wrong. You may have a really great reason for not blogging. Perhaps you’ve been on an extended vacation with no access to WIFI. Or maybe in a medically-induced coma that precludes typing. These things happen!

Most likely,however, you’ve been busy with the nuts-and-bolts of running your business and blogging hasn’t risen to the top of your “to do” list. All of the sudden it seems that a month (or a season) has gone by and you’ve posted nothing. I maintain multiple blogs and, sadly, am guilty of this myself!

In today’s post, tell your readers what you’ve been up to and why you haven’t connected with them. I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear from you!



How do you get motivated?

Time for Action Clock To Inspire And MotivateMy office cleaning project awaits me this morning. I’ve been up since 5:00 AM as my son had to leave for the airport. The only thing scheduled today was a doctor’s appointment at 10:15 AM. So that gave me 3 or 4 hours of solid organizing time to start my day.

Or it could have. Unfortunately for my productivity, I have recently become a Home and Garden TV addict. I’ve been taping Love It or List It, which is a surprisingly addictive show about an interior designer and a real estate agent who compete to change a family’s living situation. I know it is insane to be watching a TV show about organizing a home when I could actually be making my own home better — but the irony of the situation has not made me productive.

Today, blog about how you get started on a project. Do you have a predetermined time that you always work (or spend on your hobby)? Are you a list maker? Do you have an accountability buddy that helps motivate you? I think that most of us struggle with motivation challenges. Hopefully you can encourage your readers by sharing your successes.


Choosing Your Customers

Hairdressing industry. Professional hairdressing tools. Comb, scMy husband and I have completely different ideas of who should cut our hair. I like someone who knows my name, remembers me from a previous appointment, and is chatty during my haircut.

My husband, on the other hand, is very quiet and does not enjoy casual conversation. If he could figure out a way to get a haircut online, he’d be all for it! Since human contact is the only option, my husband prefers a quick trim, with no banter or kidding around.

Both of our hair styling places seem to be very successful. And we’ve clearly each found a good match for our personalities. We did this the old-fashioned way, by trying different salons until we found a hairstylist (or barber) that we wanted to work with.

One advantage of social media is that we can give our customers a glimpse into who we are. This allows customers to self-select whether we’re a good match (or not) for their needs and personalities. My clients, for example, are generally women over 40 who need help writing blogs and eBooks. Younger women (and younger men) are much more comfortable marketing themselves online and less likely to hire me. These “youngsters” also don’t want a consultant that reminds them of their mother.  That’s okay!

Today, think about your best customers. Is your personality reflected online?