What is holding you back?

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Several years ago, my family went to visit the home of Stephen Leacock, a famous Canadian author, in Ontario, Canada. At that time my professional writing career was on hold while I was raising my kids. I was envious to see that Stephen Leacock did his writing in a beautiful boathouse (shown above) on Lake Simcoe. At that moment I realized what was holding me back from becoming a famous author — I didn’t have a boathouse!

At the time we were living in the desert in Phoenix, AZ, so a boathouse was even more unrealistic. This has become a family joke —  I will become a huge success after I get my boathouse.

The sad thing is that sometimes we let this kind of thing hold us back from success. We can’t go to the gym because we don’t have trendy enough clothing. We can’t start a business because we don’t have a dedicated home office. Or we can’t change careers because we’re single mothers, we’re too fat, or too old for re-training. While some of these excuses are legitimate, most of them are just ways that our mind holds us back.

Today, share with your readers something that is holding you back. Even better, let them know how you managed to triumph in spite of adversity.


Why are we in business anyway?

????????????????????????????????????????????Last week, I accidentally overdosed my dog on pain medication. I gave him four times the recommended dose, so my poor miniature dachshund got the same amount of pain medication as I take … and I weigh more than 10 times what he does! The dog is now fine, but it was a stressful afternoon.

The first thing I did was call the vet. If I asked the vet to describe his job, he’d probably say something like “I diagnose and treat household pets who are sick and injured.” Or maybe, “I help keep pets healthy.”  From my perspective, however, the vet’s business is to reassure pet owners that Fluffy or Furry is not going to suffer. This might mean giving a vaccination, suturing a cut, performing emergency surgery, or helping the pet pass on without pain. A vet’s relationship is with the pet owner. We are the ones driving to their office and paying their bills.

My mechanic may see his business as fixing cars and trucks. However what I really pay him for is to keep me safe, by making sure that my vehicles stays in good condition.

My nail technician does not just do manicures and affix acrylic nails. She believes (and I agree) that she makes the world a more beautiful place through her work.

I think all of us need to have a clear idea why we are in business. And it may not be for the reasons we tell ourselves. Yes, I help people write blog posts and eBooks.  But what I really do is use words to attract customers and build communities. The bottom line is that I help businesses make more money by creating social media content that builds relationships, reflects their unique personality, and creates more sales. I am in the customer attraction and community building business!

It is tough for most of us to realize what we really do. However we need to take the time to figure it out (or to hire someone to help us) so that we can create content that truly benefits our readers.

Today, blog about what your business really does.