Remember To Be Grateful

???????????????????????I’ve been dealing with some challenges over the last few weeks. Somewhere along the line, I started to focus on the negatives and missed the positives. I became a “glass is half empty” person when I could, just as easily, have focused on the glass being half full.

In 2010, I was involved in a serious car accident. It raining hard on the Long Island Expressway, when the car behind me blew a tire and hit me. I’m still recovering from injuries and driving makes me (understandably) nervous. I was grateful that my van was repairable, although just barely, and we did not have the financial stress of purchasing a new vehicle. However, every time I get behind the wheel, the memory of the car accident returns.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. Rather than viewing my car as being the source of my injury, I should be grateful that my trusty, beat up Dodge Caravan had protected me being more seriously hurt. My sturdy vehicle that had gone through a lot to keep me safe.

In moments, my attitude did a huge turnaround and I became grateful for the protection I’d received over the last 150,000 miles of travel.

Today, write about something you are grateful for. In your business, do you have a mentor or a customer that makes your heart sing? Is there a friend or neighbor who makes life easier? Are you thankful for your coffee maker that starts your day on a great note? Share your thoughts with your readers and help brighten their day.

A Day of Rest

Balancing Work and PlayFor the past several weeks, I have been taking a wellness course at our local hospital. The basis of the course is that our lives need to be in balance. We were asked to set goals in the following areas of our lives: relationships, career/finance, health/fitness, spirituality and mental/emotional. Like most solopreneurs,  I’ve been focusing almost totally on my business, with a bit of time carved out for exercise. I wasn’t the class model of a balanced life!

Yesterday, I came up with the idea of designating Sunday for recreation. (I believe I am the first person to declare Sunday as a day of rest!!!!!) So I told a couple of friends that Sundays were no longer for work, but would be partially dedicated to quilting, which was a former career and is still a passion. In the future, the first day of my week will be “Sewing Sunday.”

After a wonderful morning walking in one of Long Island’s beautiful parks, I came home excited to quilt.

I’d like to say that I had a wonderful afternoon, reconnecting with my hobby and creating masterpieces out of fabric. Nope. It was a disaster. I couldn’t get the needle on my sewing machine to thread properly. After 90 minutes of pure frustration, I was ready to scrap “Sewing Sunday” and get to work.

Instead, I forced myself to watch a 3 hour DVD called Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration. I opened some mail and did a little bit of housework.

So this morning my back is sore from a combination of  a long walk and too much time bent over the sewing machine. But I definitely feel refreshed and excited to start the week. The people I admire in business are people who live rich and balanced lives. Yesterday I made a small step to becoming one of them.

How about you? Today, blog about one way that you take a break from your business and a create a balanced life.

Giving Ourselves Credit

Close-up of a test perfect gradeMy kids were homeschooled for most of their lives. My youngest started her homeschooling journey at the beginning of 2nd grade, so she doesn’t remember a lot about traditional school. She received her GED in June, at age 16, and has started taking college classes this Fall.

As a mom, I am proud to report that she did extremely well on her first assignment. Then she asked, “Can we hang it up on the fridge?” Apparently she’d missed the whole “hang-stuff-we’re-proud-of-on-the-fridge” stage by not being in public school. So her project evaluation sheet — with an A+ and some excellent teacher comments — is now proudly displayed on the fridge door, so we can view our darling daughter’s academic achievement every time we get a drink of water!

This experience got me to thinking … how do we celebrate achievements? Our tendency, as busy entrepreneurs, is to not celebrate at all and move on to the next item on the list. At least that’s what I do!

Today, blog about how you celebrate your achievements (or how you think you should).


Sharing My Passion

Gluten free words - tag cloud illustrationEarlier this month, I attended a seminar that aimed to help  participants to develop a larger vision for their businesses. The leader was enthusiastic about an education-based organization and actively involved in its fundraising.

At that moment I realized that I wanted my business — even though it’s currently small — to have a big vision. I wanted to help fund a cure for celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disease that effects myself, my husband, and both my children (plus my brother and mother-in-law). That afternoon, I committed to give 10 percent of my earnings to celiac disease research. My big vision is I want to help fund a cure by 2023.

This morning, I updated my website to share my vision. Yes, I feel fantastic about it! And, even though I’m normally I’m reluctant to talk about my family, I decided to share our story. You can read out story here.

How about you? Is there an organization that you support? Do you have plans to change the world, or maybe just your neighborhood? Please share your passion!