Longing for a Longarm: Should You Buy a Longarm Quilting Machine?

Kindle Edition


If you’re a quilter, you’ve probably considered buying a longarm quilting machine – either for business or pleasure. At the very least, you’ve wondered what it would be like to own such a cool machine. Would it be a great decision or an expensive mistake?
This book, written by a former longarm business owner and fifth generation quilter, is the “real scoop” on longarm ownership. Written in a humorous manner, “Longing for a Longarm” is packed full of information that will help you decide if a longarm machine will enhance your quilting experience. You’ll learn about the reality of owning a longarm quilting machine, including the amount of space required, the best location for your studio, and how to select the right machine for your needs.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar: Social Media Planning for Your Small Business

Kindle Edition

Editorial calendars were once the domain of magazines. This book explains how to use big-magazine methods to help small businesses reduce stress, increase efficiency, and save a whole lot of time in their marketing. This book contains examples of magazine’s editorial calendars, combined with specific assignments to help your business create original and effective content that will connect with your readers. By the time you finish reading, you will understand how to use an editorial calendar, plus have hundreds of content ideas and a one-year plan for marketing your business.

What the Heck Do I Blog About?: A Content Creation Coach Shares Her Secrets

Kindle Edition

Have you always wanted to blog but have no idea what the heck to say? Or are not sure if anyone even wants to hear your thoughts? This book addresses some of the barriers to blogging, explains how to develop a blogger’s mindset, and teaches you how to spot plenty of blogging ideas in your own life. The final part of the book contains hundreds of ideas for blog posts.

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