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Begin with an informative, effective website

Baratric surgery is a branch of medicine where the physician’s personality makes a huge difference. Weight loss surgery is a scary prospect and patients do a lot of research. Most patients begin their research with an online search, meaning that a good website (that is informative and ranks well with search engines) is critically important.

The challenges of a bariatric surgeon

From a marketing standpoint, weight loss surgeons are challenged because of their constant need to attract new patients. Once you’ve done a gastric sleeve — unless a patient needs a revision or some emergency surgery — you’re done. Marketing (through your website and email) is essential to your success.

Show compassion and kindness

The personality of the surgeon should be evident on the website, so that clients can make sure they feel comfortable. Weight loss surgery patients often have a profound sense of shame and failure. They need to know that the people in your practice will treat them with respect and kindness. They also need to know specifics, such as whether they will fit onto the chairs in the waiting room.

Increase compliance and follow up

Once patients have bariatric surgery, weight loss surgeons get very frustrated by patients who do not honor their commitments for follow up care. To solve this problem, there is a lot of opportunity for email marketing campaigns that will continue to educate the patients and bring them into your office — even if they feel like they’ve failed by not losing enough weight or by regaining.

My experience with bariatrics

In addition to more than 20 years experience as a writer, I am also a bariatric patient. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2013 and lost 130 pounds. I am in a unique situation as a writer, because I am active in support groups and understand bariatric surgery from a patient’s perspective. This experience enables me to suggest and create relevant content that will both attract new clients and help existing patients be successful.

The video below describes my work with bariatric surgeons. If you need a writer, I offer a free consultation and would like to speak with you.