Content writer plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a profession where personality makes a difference. Without a doubt, your patients need to like and trust you.

A compelling, comprehensive website

Patients do a lot of research before scheduling a consultation. For this reason, plastic surgeons need a comprehensive website that explains the procedures you perform and why they should select you for their transformation!

It is incredibly important that the personality of the surgeon come through in their website. The words you choose must make patients feel comfortable with you.

Focus on your specialties

Your website should describe your philosophy. (Take breast augmentation, for example. Are you someone who prefers a natural aesthetic — or are you okay creating breasts that are out of proportion with someone’s natural frame?)

Your website should also focus on your work with specific populations. Perhaps you really love doing mommy makeovers or specialize in working with men. Or you do a lot of revisions for people who are unhappy with their previous outcomes? Letting your passion and personality shine through will go a long way toward attracting your ideal clients.

A constant need for new content

An additional challenge for plastic surgeons is the need to continually create new content so that their website ranks well in search engines. Unlike many other specialties, plastic surgeons cannot rely on patients who return for annual checkups. Reminding clients of your practice can increase referrals, as well as introduce your existing patients to procedures they may not have considered.

Perfection is the goal

Having worked with many plastic surgeons, I know they are demanding clients who want perfection. They have a vision for their writing and incredible attention to detail, so it can sometimes be a challenge to find an experienced copywriter who can meet these high standards. I’ve written successfully for many plastic surgeons who have been unsatisfied with their previous copywriters.

Below is a video about how I work with plastic surgeons. I offer a free consultation and would be happy to speak with you.