As a network marketer, you have some interesting challenges.

Connect with customers

First of all, you are selling the same product as everyone else in your organization. Customers can buy Avon lip gloss or Pampered Chef pizza mix from thousands of other consultants — and online. For a customer to buy directly from you, you need to offer them something special.

Educate and make life better

As a network marketer, you must allow your customers to know, like and trust you. You need to connect with your clients and educate them on the benefits of your products.

Network marketers, especially in the beginning, generally have a narrow niche (such as you’re selling to the moms at school, the guys at the gym, or your neighbors). This means that you know your customer very well and can create unique content that is directly relevant to your customers. You become someone who makes their life better — and you get referrals and increased sales.

Working with a writer

I help create content for network marketers. I have a policy that I do not join any organization. This means that I work solely to increase your sales and will not poach clients!

If you’d like more information, please contact me for a free consultation. The video below will give you more information on how I work with network marketers.