Stock dentist content writerThe Challenges of Dentistry

Being a dentist is an extremely challenging profession.

First of all, few patients enjoy the experience. I remember one dentist telling me that, in his next life, he wanted to deliver flowers. He would choose a profession where everyone was glad to see him!

Personality, please …

Because of a general dislike of dentistry, a dentist’s personality is exceedingly important. Patients have to know, like and trust you. For patients who are searching for a dentist online — rather than coming in from a referral — your website is their first impression. Your website has to showcase your personality and relay your compassion.

Once a patient chooses your practice, it’s tough to create a relationship because it’s a very unbalanced situation. You are physically higher than they are, because you’re standing (or on a stool) while they are lying down. During the exam or treatment, the patient is unable to talk. Following the procedure, you are communicating in a very high stress situation, so what you say may not be understood.

Creating a relationship through online marketing

Using online marketing — such as a newsletter — can help to create a relationship with your patients. Patients will hear from you in a low-stress situation, where they can get to know you and can absorb what you’re saying. This is a great opportunity to educate your patients about how to care for their teeth, why they need preventative care, and about specific services that you offer.

In the United States, unfortunately, dentistry can also be seen as a luxury. Patients honestly don’t know that the pain from untreated cavities keeps children from paying attention in school or why implants are a better solution than pulling a tooth. Patients are unaware that inflammation in their gums can have a systemic affect on their body.

An online newsletter can balance marketing and education in a way that helps patients and will change some of your services — such as regular teeth cleaning — from a luxury to a necessity.

Dentists find marketing hard

Another issue that many dentists face, at least in my experience, is that they are introverts. Dentistry is an interesting mix of being a scientist and an artists. Dentists are generally very humble. Many struggle to do marketing because they don’t want to think about that part of their business. Creating an online presence is less “sales-y” and much more comfortable than more aggressive marketing tactics.

Why I love working with dentists

On a personal note, I love working with dentists. Because dentistry has such an artistic side, I find dentists to be some of the most compassionate, interesting people I work with. And I love helping to promote their business.

In addition to more than 20 years as a professional writer, I also have a lot of personal experience as a dental patient — including having braces in my 40’s (and not the invisible kind). This enables me to suggest and create content that is of great value to a dentistry practice.

The video below describes how I work with dentists. If you need a writer, I offer a free consultation and would love to talk.