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Network Marketers

Plastic Surgeons


Weight Loss Surgeons

Why You Need to Market Online

Many of my clients have been extremely successful without much of an online presence. They’ve got a loyal client base and have been blessed with great word-of-mouth marketing. They paid a lot of money for their website in 2009 and aren’t looking to update any time soon.

Here’s the bad news … client attrition happens. The pediatric patients grow up. The dogs you groom pass away. And the salon client who came every Friday at 2:30 PM moves to Florida to get away from the snow. If you’re not marketing online, you’re losing business to your Internet-savvy competitors — pediatricians, groomers and salons — who have an online presence.

The process is the same whether you are a plumber, a plastic surgeon or a performing arts facility. You want to build loyalty among your existing customers, as well as grow your business by reaching more customers.

Hire an Experienced Content Writer

In my 20 year career as a freelance writer, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and written for dozens of industries. The common ground is my curiosity about you (or your business) and what makes you special. I write in a way that showcases your expertise and connects with your customers.

I admit that I’m a generalist. I love learning and I like writing about a lot of different industries. This is a big advantage to my clients. Not only is the content is fresh and engaging, it’s also free of  the jargon and acronyms that muddle your message.