Content Writing Can Grow Your Business

Do you have the words you need to optimize your website or send emails to your customers? Are you wasting money on an email service provider — such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft or Ontraport — because you don’t know what to say to your customers?

The words on your website — and in your emails — are the building blocks of your business. They are the way you connect with your customers, prospects and community. Whether you hate to write, don’t have time, or know the value of hiring an expert — my job is to use words to build your business.

I have been a content writer, copywriter  and ghostwriter for more than 20 years. I write newsletters, website content and marketing emails that will:

  • Describe what you do and why people should buy from you.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Reflect your personality and your passion.
  • Help customers and prospects come to know, like and trust you.
  • Sound like you wrote it yourself.

Because I have a graduate-level business education, I understand the relationship the strategic role that writing can play in growing your business. As an entrepreneur and professional writer for more than two decades, I also know that being your own boss is learned from the trenches and not textbooks! My unique blend of education and experience helps me to understand your issues, challenges and goals.

Many of my clients are new to online marketing. These people tend to be totally overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I am happy to explain Internet marketing terms (such as autoresponder, landing page and Search Engine Optimization) as well as social media platforms (such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr). I will also make recommendations about which choices will best meet their goals.

Clients like that I am easy to work with and genuinely interested in their businesses. And I love providing content writing services that contribute to a business’s growth!

Words that create a bad impression

Think about it. When you check out a website, what do you look for? Likely it’s a company that is trustworthy, has a product (or service) that performs as promised, and has an owner who cares about their business. In addition, you want a sense of the secret sauce – which may be passion, personality, commitment or compassion – that makes that business different.

So what do people see when they visit your website?

  • A list of your education, certifications or customers?
  • Generic words about how you offer high quality products (or services) and are dedicated to exceeding your customers’ expectations?
  • Jargon, buzz-words or complicated language that make it unclear what you actually do?

If so, your words could be working harder. You need to clearly state what you do, in a way that make sense to your potential customers. Then skip the cliché’s and explain exactly why you are different from the other manufacturers, contractors, professionals or consultants that your prospects are checking out.

The problem with writing about your business

It’s tough writing about yourself and your business.

Customers who visit your website should immediately know how you can help them; what is unique about your product or service; and why you care deeply about your company. That should be easy, right?

Wrong. There are several reasons why writing about yourself is hard.

First of all, if you were taught to be modest (and most of us were), you will unconsciously understate your value. You will hesitate to share your talents and passion because it feels like bragging. You’ll stay humble, but you’ll also remain the best-kept secret in town.

In addition, after being immersed in an industry, it’s difficult to write to a less-informed reader. You’re used to communicating with colleagues, so it’s tough to write with the customer in mind. If you write too much jargon, you will make your customer feel stupid and you’ll lose the sale. An expert copywriter can help you find the right tone.

Finally, it’s difficult to choose what information to include when everything is important to you! For instance, you might inadvertently overwhelm (or totally bore) customers with details about your state-of-the-art order management system, when all the customer cares about is whether their order arrives on time. A content writer can help you determine the right amount of information to include – and how to make it interesting.

 The overwhelm factor

Most entrepreneurs didn’t grow up wanting to be writers. In fact, many chose careers specifically so they didn’t need to write.

Now there’s an expectation that business owners write. Whether you’re a plumber, chiropractor or boutique owner, you’re expected to create blog posts, send electronic newsletters, update Facebook pages, interact on LinkedIn, Tweet regularly, and craft helpful articles for your website. All in addition to your “real job” of serving your customers.

So what’s the solution?

You can get help. You don’t have to clean your own house or do your own taxes. And you don’t have to do your own writing. (Which, for a very reasonable fee, reduces your stress level and lets you focus on other parts of your business.)

My content writing services may be able to help you use words to build your business.

The process begins with a free consultation called an Online Marketing Review. We’ll talk about what your business is doing well and what may need to be improved. I promise this will be a high value session with no “hard selling.”

The outcome of these sessions vary. Recently I talked to a potential client who was doing everything right. My only recommendation was that she hire an assistant to take care of the posting.

Frequently I see clients who need to update their website content, start a newsletter, and/or learn how to blog. If this is the case, I can do the writing for you (which is what most clients prefer for websites and newsletters). Or I can also help you streamline the writing process and gain confidence with your writing skills.

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