Content creation for network marketersNetwork marketers experience unique challenges because they are all selling the same products. A customer’s choice to buy from a particular Avon, Pampered Chef or Mary Kay consultant is based solely on their relationship with that salesperson. Sales consultants need to work hard to maintain that relationship. In addition, they need to build relationships with other people in their network.

Social media is a perfect way to build these relationships. Many consultant know that it’s important — but they have no idea what to say. This lecture gives network marketers the steps they need to create engaging, shareable content.

But wait! There’s more! For many network marketers, it is their first time running a business and they are uncertain how to marketing themselves. This lecture teaches participants how to use Facebook and newsletters to connect with their customers — and to sell more products. Participants leave feeling more confident with using social media and more confident in their role as business owners. The lecture also includes lots of examples of social media posts that will help grow their business.