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Write about developing a new skill

My 20-year-old daughter is learning to drive. Finally her desire for freedom has surpassed her fear of operating a vehicle! This weekend she drove on the Long Island Expressway, which is a huge accomplishment and puts her another step toward getting her license.

I still remember how terrified I was as a new driver. Fortunately now, since I’ve been driving for decades, the process is mostly unconscious. So it’s been interesting to re-experience the challenges of being a new driver – only this time with the responsibility of helping her safely navigate the process. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to learning to drive. You gain mastery by putting in time behind the wheel.

Today, write about something that you struggled with but is now automatic. Alternatively, write about teaching someone a new skill.

Sue Allen Clayton is a website content writer, author and speaker. She writes newsletters, website content and marketing materials for a wide range of businesses. Over her two decades as a professional writer, Sue has written several books, hundreds of newsletters and magazine articles, and thousands of blog posts.

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