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Happy International Mud Day!

International Mud Day is celebrated on June 29. The holiday was created in 2009 at a World Forum Event by attendees from Australia and Nepal. The goal was to encourage feelings of community and appreciation for the world around us.

Mud Day was chosen because – when people are covered in mud – you cannot tell their age, race or religion. Playing in the mud is also a way to celebrate the earth and to have fun. (Source)

How to write about International Mud Day:

  • Go for it! Find some mud and play in it. Make mud pies and build mud castles. Write about the experience.
  • Gather some kids together and throw a mud party. Fill a small wading pool with mud. See if they do look the same if covered in mud.
  • Find a way to celebrate the earth and write about it. It could be planting flowers or stopping at a Farmer’s Market. Write about what you did and how it made you feel.

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