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Reviewed – One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

This book describes kaizen – which is the concept of making small steps toward improvement. This process was originally used to build the Japanese economy after WWII, however the author was interested in how it could be used to change personal habits.

The premise is that you focus on the tiniest improvement possible. For instance:

  • To begin exercising, walk in place during a one-minute television commercial.
  • To stop consuming caffeine, take one less sip of coffee.
  • To clean up a messy desk, put away one paper clip.

As you can guess, these actions are a lot more palatable than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, giving up your daily coffee, or spending the weekend cleaning your office. The idea is that these tiny steps keep you from resisting the activity and build new neural pathways in your brain.

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