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Living in a moment of irony

Last Thursday afternoon was jam-packed – appointments back-to-back, barely time to eat dinner, and an evening class that was tough to make on time. I parked my car in the garage with a finely-tuned plan to walk the dog, meditate, eat something, and be out the door for my meditation class by 5:30 PM.

As my dog and I rounded the corner coming home, I noticed an injured sparrow on the road. I took my dog home and returned with some gloves and a box. The poor little bird rolled over when I tried to pick her up. She was trembling but clearly could not fly. My guess was a broken wing and, clearly, the sparrow needed prompt medical attention. By now it was 4:30 PM, the wildlife rehab facility was closing, and the nearest vet drop off was going to take me at least an hour.

Did I feel like a good Samaritan, happy to save (I hoped) the little bird’s life? Nope. I was annoyed that this non-planned vet trip meant I woudn’t have time to meditate and, to make matters worse, would be late for my meditation class.

And then the irony hit me. Part of my motivation for meditating is to become a more present, accepting and loving person – to do my part in making this a kinder and more loving world. Would Jesus, Buddha or the Dalai Lama choose meditation over saving a bird? Of course not! In this case, I was better to take immediate action to reduce suffering, even if it messed up my schedule. (PS: The sparrow was still alive when I reached the vet and was to be sent to wildlife rehab on Friday.)

Today, write about a time when you saw a moment of irony in your life. What was the event? Did recognizing the irony cause a behavior change?

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