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Write about the clutter in your life

One of the best things about living in Arizona was that our house didn’t have a basement. That meant that we only had our garage for storage, which somewhat limited the amount of stuff that our family could amass. However when we moved to Long Island in 2007, we gained a full basement and no reason to clear out extra belongings. This is why we’ve held on to three portable microwaves and my kids’ bowling balls, among hundreds of other items that we will never use again.

Now that my son is home from college, we need additional storage for all of his possessions, which are currently being stored in our garage. This is the situation that motivated an all-hands-on-deck basement cleanout on Sunday.

Four people who spent four agonizing hours of sorting, purging and repacking.

I did well. I got boxed up the last of my homeschooling materials for donation to the local library. (My daughter got her GED four years ago and my son just graduated with his MBA, so it was time to put that period of life behind us.) We also got together a nice donation for a charity, including two of the three microwaves mentioned above. Unfortunately my son and husband didn’t make nearly as much headway, so we’re doing a second cleanup this weekend.

Today, write about clutter in your life. Is there something that you’ve recently let go of? How did it feel? Or is there an area of your living space that you need to clean out? What is holding you back?

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