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Reviewed: The Productivity Project

I listened to the audio version of this book and couldn’t have enjoyed it more. The book details the author’s one-year quest to become more productive. He identifies the three areas of life he needed to manage – time, attention and energy – and learned how to focus on his most important tasks. Although The Productivity Project is heavily based on research, his experience applying the concepts is both entertaining and informative.

One of the many things I learned from The Productivity Project is that we expect more of our future selves than we do of our current selves. This is why we believe that we can save for retirement, pay off debt or lose weight in the future, even if we can’t do it now.

The author’s experiments included some traditional productivity ideas – such as cutting out stimulants, improving hydration and getting regular exercise. Along the way he also tried more difficult experiments, including eating only soylent (powdered food) and trying to spend a week in isolation. This is a truly excellent and motivating book that would be especially helpful to entrepreneurs.

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