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Happy National Cellophane Tape Day!

National Cellophane Tape Day is celebrated on May 27. Cellophane tape (also called Scotch tape) was invented in 1930 by 3M Company employee Richard Gurley Drew. Cellophane tape was originally invented to seal cellophane packages in grocery stores. It was replaced by heat-sealed cellophane, while the tape became popular to wrap gifts. (Source)

How to write about National Cellophane Tape Day:

  • What is your favorite use for cellophane tape? I use them to seal envelopes, since I’m gluten-free (due to celiac disease) and the sticky adhesive on envelopes contains wheat.
  • Do you enjoy wrapping gifts? I don’t. My gifts usually look like they were wrapped by a 5-year-old. However but my husband and daughter love wrapping gifts and do a great job.
  • Where do you keep your cellophane tape? That may sound like a stupid question, but the rolls in our house are always disappearing!

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