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Reviewed ReWork by Jason Fried & David Heinemeir Hansson

If you’re looking for a book that promotes planning, raising capital and having an exit strategy –you won’t want to read ReWork. This book is about making a decision and moving forward to meet your customers’ needs. They recommend staying small and doing a job yourself until you must hire help. They also recommend launching a minimal product and adding features later. In essence, the authors believe that embracing your constraints makes for a better company.

One of my favorite chapters was called “Send People Home at 5.” The authors believe that people will get their work done much more efficiently when they have something to do at home. They don’t look for “burn the midnight oil” people whose only source of pleasure in life is work.

This is a great book for startups and for individuals who are not planning to build a huge company. The advice is very practical and definitely different from many books aimed at startups.

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