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Reviewed – Top Dog Sales Secrets: 50 Top Experts Show You Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Sales

This book is a compilation of sales advice on prospecting, phoning, meeting, selling, closing and following up on sales. You’ll find advice on everything from how to shake hands to how to handle price objections. The book was published in 2007 and contains very little about online selling, however otherwise the material is solid and helpful. Each expert’s advice is 2 or 3 pages long, so it is a book that could be easily used to teach yourself (or remind yourself) about the art of selling.

One of the most amusing chapters described customers as animals. These included the monkey (quarrelsome and inconsiderate), the sloth (painfully slow-moving and indecisive), the crab (chronically irritable), the cat (suspicious and cynical), and the rooster (decisive, impatient and intolerant). The author also explained how to deal with each type of buyer.

Overall this book contained a wealth of information in an easily digestible format. I think it would be helpful to anyone who wanted to up-level their selling skills.

Sue Allen Clayton is a website content writer, author and speaker. She writes newsletters, website content and marketing materials for a wide range of businesses. Over her two decades as a professional writer, Sue has written several books, hundreds of newsletters and magazine articles, and thousands of blog posts.

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